Outpatient Center Stanford Medicine

Directions to the Stanford Medicine Outpatient Center

From San Francisco | From San Jose | From the East Bay
From Stanford Hospital | Public Transportation

From San Francisco

US-101 [Online Directions]

From I-280 [Online Directions]

From San Jose

US-101 [Online Directions]

I-280 [Online Directions]

From the East Bay

CA-92 (San Mateo Bridge) [Online Directions]

From CA-84 (Dumbarton Bridge) [Online Directions]

From Stanford Hospital & Clinics [Online Directions]

Public Transportation

During commute hours, there is a free shuttle from the Caltrain Redwood City Station to the Stanford Medicine Outpatient Center: (650) 588-1600. Free mid-day rides from the train station can be arranged via the Redwood City Climate Best Express On Demand.

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